HYTORC Gall-Free Nut

The HYTORC Gall-Free Nut eliminates thread failure and seizing which allows bolted joints to be safely removed and reused.

The new nut is an upgrade to the standard nuts protects the jointed surface against galling. As galled bolt threads are both expensive and labour-intensive to replace and making them non-reusable, upgrading to the HYTORC Gall-Free Nut will not only save costs but also time.

The two-part design offers anti-galling properties in a standard hex nut geometry in all hex sizes. These nuts are flexible to customization for non-standard applications. HYTORC’s unique patent-pending design geometry and material is a proven method of eliminating galling against elevated loads and temperatures without lubricants or anti-seize.

Anti-Galling properties

The HYTORC Gall-Free Nut coated thread design eliminates the microscopic material corrosion fasteners go through when subjected to high temperatures and extended friction over extended time periods. This unique technology counters the galling effect of plastic deformation and micro-scale material transfer of thread surfaces.

Materials and Design

The two-part design is designed to offer interlocking inner and outer sleeves with tapered threads which integrate with anti-galling properties. The HYTORC Gall-Free Nut is compatible with standard bolt threads and are flexible to be designed with a variety of coatings and materials to meet specific industrial applications.

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