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HYTORC hydraulic pumps are available in many configurations to give you the right power for the job with the capability to run multiple tools simultaneously. Available with air or electric power source.


powers multiple tools simultaneously

A hydraulic pressure pump is the heart of all hydraulic torque wrenches. The hydraulic pump motor powers the torque wrenches through hydraulic (oil). The hydraulic pump system can power multiple tools simultaneously depending on the model of the pump.

HYTORC’s hydraulic pressure pump can be powered pneumatically or electrically. All the advanced high pressure hydraulic pump can power up to four tools at a time.

The top features include data recording, LCD display pendant, pressure gauge-free pump with automatic torque selection, single button operation, multi tool manifold, 3 stage pump, torque complete alerts and many more.

HYTORC Documentation Pumps, for data-recording and traceability


Vector is the most modern high pressure hydraulic pump in the industry. The 3-stage high speed flow motor is fully automatic and completes operation faster than competitor pumps. Gauge-free, the operator controls the torque on the desired tool with a remote controller.


Designed for portability, the Vector Mini is a lighter version of the most modern high-pressure hydraulic pump in the industry. The 3-stage innovative design allows the VECTOR MINI to be the fastest and most portable pump in the industry.  Incorporating the VECTOR technology, it is a single-port high pressure pump that offers manual and automatic power variants.

HY-115 / JETPRO 9.3

The HYTORC HY-115 is a standard pump built with features delivering efficient, reliable, and economical solutions. Operating with minimal noise at ~80 dB, they package advanced features like oil cooler to avoid overheating. Operator-friendly and semi-automatic upgradeable feature helps reduce job time and simpler tightening.

HYTORC Standard Pumps, efficient and portable.


HYTORC’s JetPro is a high pressure hydraulic pump that is designed to perform and deliver the highest efficiency with our torque wrenches. The 3-stage motor enhances oil flow by 30%. With an innovative built-in cooling system, it disallows the operating temperature to increase.

The compact design offers the operator efficient mobility.


The HY-TWIN AIR hydraulic pump system delivers power with a five-gallon reservoir. One of the highest power-to-ratio hydraulic pressure pump i.e. it can power 4 large tools and still offer portability as the pumps come with wheel casters that helps the operator provide mobility.


Ideal for large hydraulic or multi-tool systems, the HY-TWIN 230 packs twin-motor, high power, and a 3-stage pump to offer increase the speed of oil flow. It can power up to four torque wrenches at once up to 13558 without compromising on the speed. To offer the operator convenience, the wheel casters helps provide pumps mobility.


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