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HYCOBOLT is the most advanced hydraulic coupling bolt delivering high performance torque transmission for critical high load rotating shafts and couplings


An alternative to the conventional coupling bolt, the HYCOBOLT offer significant benefits industries in terms of time savings during maintenance and enhanced coupling performance in bolting operations.

The complete benefits of HYCOBOLT can only be explored on critical applications that require high capital investment and demand return on investment. Supported by major OEMs, the HYCOBOLT technology is developed for the power industry.

The HYCOBOLT is adaptable to all types of equipment ranging from conventional steam to high efficiency gas turbines, wind, and hydro turbines. It is also applicable on marine propulsion shaft lines, large electric motor drives, and heavy rotating machinery.

The reliable and fast installation and removal process helps the innovative HYCOBOLT design overcome the problems of conventional and previous generation coupling bolts. Safe, reliable, and simple, the HYCOBOLT is designed to reduce vibration and eliminate coupling slippage. This ensures a significant return on capital investment through time saving, predictable and controlled workflow scheduling and maximization of plant availability.

The HYCOBOLT Advantage

-Innovative design

-30 years industry experience

-Achievable hole preparation

-Internal seals for superior bolt removal

-Fully nitrided bolt

-Improved installation & removal process

-Simplified compact hydraulic tooling

-Extensive development and test programme

-Reduced bolt stresses


-Maximize plant availability

-Effective planning

-Time saving solution

-Improved overall coupling performance

-Supports turbine upgrade paths

-Improved site safety

-Reduce unplanned rework

-Reduce vibration



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