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August 29, 2019by admin

Controlled Bolting in Infrastructure Joints

When it comes to bolted joints, utmost importance is given to joint reliability in applications such as pressure vessels & pipe flanges in oil & gas for leakage free joints; in automotive/machinery for guarding against vibration. When it comes to infrastructural joints of long-term nature such as bridges and towers, the Fit-it-Forget-approach is commonly seen.

Joint reliability is determined by various factors, bolt load accuracy playing a predominantly critical role among these. To control the impact of external factors such as vibration and temperature on bolt load, we need to understand the concept of Controlled Bolting Mechanism which is a scientific method of bolting.

May 28, 2019by admin


Torque wrench used for eliminating pinch points

Hand safety is a major concern in industrial bolting operations, especially when using outdated tools and methods that inherently create hazardous pinch points. One injury may result in heavy personal injury losses and facility shutdown (for hand injury investigations) with overburdening financial costs running into millions. The HYTORC Washer is the only fastener in bolting systems that reduces the risks of hand injury by completely eliminating pinch points when using torque wrenches.


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