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    Backed with experienced manpower and international brands, we offer cold pipe cutting and beveling services to ensure safe and damage-free pipes.

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Range

  • Pipe Cutting: 1”– 56”
  • Pipe Thickness: 4 mm–85 mm
  • Beveling: 37 ° 5, 22°5, 47 °5 standard bevel, and J Grove

How Does It Benefit You?

  • Automated beveling tools reduce job time and consistently provide accurate results
  • Eliminates human error caused by ergonomic issues
  • Less manpower and safer to operate
  • Cold cutting ensures safety in an explosive environment

Key Applications

  • Pipe – severing, beveling, squaring
  • Flange re-surfacing
  • Desalination plant pipe severing and beveling
  • Counterbore machining
  • Food processing plant pipe severing and beveling
  • Airport fuel line piping repair
  • Industrial pipe replacement
  • OD Shaft turning


ABS provides cold cutting and pipe beveling services as a safe and efficient alternative to using torches, grinders, and other tools that pose risks due to heat or sparks. This process is particularly important in environments where such hazards can be extremely dangerous, such as in the petrochemical industry. ABS prioritises client satisfaction. We operate with utmost safety and ensure the requirements are fulfilled with zero room for error.


Cold cutting minimizes the risk of fire, making it an ideal choice for industries like oil and gas to mitigate potential safety hazards and accidents.

Certainly, cold cutting finds application in underwater scenarios and is frequently employed in offshore industries, where specialized tools and equipment are made for these unique conditions.

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