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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Pump

The TensionPro Electro Max electric-powered hydraulic pumps stand as robust and versatile units, well-suited for a wide array of bolt tensioning applications. These pumps harmonize seamlessly with the duo wind turbine range of TensionPro bolt tensioning tools. Engineered for steadfast performance, the pump is optimized to reliably operate under challenging environmental conditions and withstand rough handling often encountered in workshops, as well as other mobile and industrial settings. Incorporating a compact design, the pump is driven by a high-specification motor that ensures low weight and minimal noise during operation.


  • 1500 and 2500 bar options
  • Dual scale psi/bar 100mm gauge
  • Single scale MPa gauge option
  • Fitted with Quick Connector outlet
  • <70 dBa quiet operation
  • 5L tank with level glass
  • Safety pressure release valve
  • Pressure setting valve
  • Full pendant control
Part Number Max Pressure Electric Supply Dry weight Motor Power Size
bar psi voltage frequency kg W I x w x h mm
PEMA-1500-01-230 1500   21,750  220-240 50/60 36 0.75 380x510x560
PEMA-1500-01-120 1500   21,750 100-120 50/60 37 0.75 380x510x560
PEMA-2500-01-230 2500 36,250  220-240 50/60 36 0.75 380x510x560
PEMA-2500-01-120 2500 36,250 100-120 50/60 37 0.75 380x510x560


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The common maximum pressure for a hydraulic tensioning pump can range from 700 to 10,000 psi, providing the necessary hydraulic force for tensioning applications.

Hydraulic pumps in tensioning applications typically run intermittently, engaging when tensioning is required and disengaging when the desired tension is achieved. This controlled operation conserves energy and enhances pump longevity.

Hydraulic tensioning focuses on applying tension to bolts, ensuring even and controlled clamping force. Torquing, on the other hand, involves tightening bolts by applying rotational force. Tensioning is preferred for critical joints requiring precise and uniform force distribution.

Hydraulic tensioning is a method of tightening bolts by using hydraulic force to stretch the bolt, ensuring even and controlled tension. It is crucial for applications where precise and uniform clamping force is essential.

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