Flange Facing with the H&S Speed Facer

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Flanges being the most crucial application for all major industries like power, oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, and more, makes facing the surface safely and accurately vital to eliminate the risk of leakages. Modern onsite services offer automated flange facing that complete jobs in less time with less manpower. In this article, we aim to highlight the advantages of flange facing with automated machines.

H&S Tools are manufactured in U.S.A with more than fifty years of expertise in building tools for machining services like pipe cutting and flange facing. After years of development, H&S have developed the most portable speed facing tool that offers higher safety and productivity in flange maintenance than competition. The remote feed management and automatic feed system keeps the operator’s hands safe by permitting hands-free machining. Its simple set-up makes it potential to attain crate-to-cut within fifteen minutes or less. Additionally, it offers higher metal removal, variable surface finishes, and offers a wide range of cuts. The CLIMAX HS Tool Speed Facer significantly reduces maintenance times in onsite flange facing services.

Three major upgrades of the H&S Speed Facer


With up to three H.P. gas motor, the Speed Facer offers additional power and speed that will increase the metal removal rates permitting the operator to complete the work quicker. The optimized drive reduction offers the desired speed range to use HSS tooling or carbide for enhanced performance and adaptability.

The infinitely variable feed rates from 0.001-0.032 inch/rev (0.025 – 0.813 mm/rev) offers operational flexibility for higher metal removal and variable surface end necessities for optimum metal removal. The Speed flange facers offers multiple feed trippers to actuate the adjustable feed unit that permits aggressive feed rates.


Offering a wide range of models, the Speed Facer is capable of servicing flanges up to 120.5 inches (3061 mm) in diameter. The tool head and power bit rotate 360 degree severally to any angle permitting flexibility to form numerous cuts together with o-rung grooves, chamfers, sq. shoulders, and different angled surfaces. Additionally, rotating the tool bit fully permits the best tool bit positioning.

The option of a back-facing attachment provides additional flexibility in machining operations for applications that have bridge obstructions or once conjugation is needed on the rear aspect of the pipe or flange. Talking more about the tool’s functionality, it offers removable feed trippers that permits multiple mounting positions increasing the power to avoid obstructions.

The setup fingers and levelling feet allow simple, fast alignment and setup of the machine reducing crane time. A reversible gas motor also can be put in on the highest or bottom of the machine reckoning on the operation or obstructions.


The auto-feed system keeps operator’s hands safe and helps complete job safely. Unlike other onsite facers, the Speed Facer keeps the operator’s hands away from the moving components permitting it to work fully automatic.

The bearing guard clears waste and chips off the bearing and belt drive system which protects the operator from trap and pinch hazards. Also, the nonaggressive safety interlock system prevents inadvertent re-starts when the loss of provided air pressure. All H&S pipe cutting and flange facing tools are CE certified to deliver the very best safety and health assurance.

How can we help?

With an experienced maintenance team that have successfully delivered more than 400,000 manhours of bolting and onsite machining jobs for all major industries, our resources and skilled labour allow us to complete flange facing jobs up to 80”. Known to deliver quality services, we only use CLIMAX HS flange facing tools. Following are some of the capabilities our manpower possesses.

  • Restoring damaged flanges
  • Repairing heat exchanger face.
  • Repairing RTJ flange.
  • Repairing casing threading.
  • Compact flange machining.


We hope this article helped you perceive the distinctive features of H&S Speed Facers. Experienced in the business for more than five decades, Speed Facers provides unmatched safety, accuracy, and power compared to competition. Visit us for a new knowledge-sharing article next time.


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