HYTORC torque wrench simplifying an impossible bolting job

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HYTORC torque wrench


Following up on our previous article where we spoke about how our bolting services offer precision torquing to eliminate leakages. This article is another case study talking about how our maintenance experts completed an impossible job with an HYTORC hydraulic torque wrench. We will begin with an explanation of the job and application followed by the solution offered.

Not long ago, our maintenance team from Jamnagar was approached by one of the oil and gas industry majors. The customer had recently procured an agitator seal which is a crucial application in the oil and gas industry. The agitator seal locks a rotating or reciprocating part and a stationary part which is either a radial or axial gap. Understanding the importance of the application, we determined that precision bolting is important to maintain joint integrity.

However, the big problem was that the application had a major design challenge. The nut had an 8mm gap between the nut periphery and body of the equipment. This was a major concern as none of the bolting accessories like sockets, spanners, or standard links could fit in such a tight space. Many of our competitors rejected the challenge as their tools were not built to rectify such design limitations. Additionally, the calculated torque requirement for the application was 1200Nm, which cannot be achieved accurately by any manual methods.

When the customer consulted our team, we did not give up. Upon studying the application, the team came up with the suggestion of implementing HYTORC Versa 2 with a slim link. The hex drive hydraulic torque wrench was a perfect match for the job as the slim profile of the tool was designed to fit in confined spaces like these. Apart from offering the slimmest link in the industry, it also provides a single-axis swivel which offers the operator flexibility and convenience. Being the most economical HYTORC hex drive hydraulic torque wrench, it offers unmatched industry precision and flexibility for complex jobs up to 49,081 Nm. With a nose radius of just 8mm, our maintenance team was successfully able to torque 16 bolts within an hour. Our customer was impressed with us living up to the challenge and allowing him to utilize their equipment as desired. We successfully and safely completed the job with only two operators.

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We hope this article justifies our statement of being a brand that simplifies complex jobs and offers joint-integrity solutions. Visit us next time for more case studies.


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