AZ-2 Series

AZ-1 Series

Hydratron AZ-2 Air Driven Liquid Pump is a reciprocating, positive displacement pump with a directly coupled, integral linear reciprocating air motor designed to generate High-Pressure Liquid flow. The pressure increase is made possible by means of the area ratio between the larger diameter air drive piston directly connected to a smaller diameter liquid plunger/piston. Using various material & seal options they are suitable for pumping a wide range of liquids including water, oil, water/glycol and many other chemical fluids. 

All Models can easily be incorporated into easy to operate Standard System hydraulic power units. 

  • Ability to stall at a predetermined pressure and hold this fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat. 
  • No risk of flame or spark. 
  • Infinitely variable speed/output flowrate control. 
  • Infinitely variable output pressure control. 
  • Easy to apply automatic controls. 
  • Standard models are suitable for oil or water applications. 
  • Isolation chamber for Chemical applications. 
  • No limit or adverse effects in continuous stop/start applications. 
  • Proven reliability, easy to maintain and robust.

Air Motor: 

  • Mainly anodized Aluminum with a filament-wound composite air cylinder, carbon steel zinc plated tie bolts and nitrile seals. 

Hydraulic Section: 

  • Oil service units have cold rolled plated steel piston, cylinder and check valves. 
  • Water service units have 303 stainless cylinders, stainless piston and check valves. 
  • Internal check valve parts are 300 series stainless steel except for ball which is 440C stainless steel. 
  • Nitrile seals are standard (other compounds are available as required). All hydraulic pistons are hard chrome plated. 
  • Other material options are available, please contact us for more information.



ModelMax Output Pressure @ 100 psi (7bar) Air DriveMax Output Pressure @ 100 psi (7bar) Air DriveMax Outlet FlewMax Outlet FlewDisplacement/CycleDisplacement/Cycle
AZ-2-21 2,150 148976 16.014.0666.6
AZ-2-27 2,700 18681713.403.3855.4
AZ-2-36 3,600 24862210.202.4940.8
AZ-2-6O 6,000 4143786.201.5024.6
AZ-2-97 9,700 6692383.900.9315.2
AZ-2-144 14,400 9931652.710.6210.2
AZ-2-180 18,000 1,2411282.1.00.498.0
AZ-2-237 23,700 1,634961.570.3862
AZ-2-323 32,3002,22870
AZ-2-458 45,800 3,159460.750.193.1

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