Cold Cutting and Pipe Beveling

ABS provides cold cutting and pipe beveling services in environments where hot cutting is not possible due to fire safety.

Cold Cutting and Pipe Beveling

ABS provides cold pipe cutting and pipe bevelling services in environments where hot cutting is not possible due to fire safety.

Our Portable Machining Systems powered pneumatically or hydraulically, simultaneously cut and bevel pipes leading to minimum material wastage. The result being, safe preparation of pipe ends for welding to ensure consistency and quality including straight cut, bevels, compound bevels, J-bevels, compound J bevels and all custom weld preps. The split frame design ensures an easy fit on existing piping systems.

We strive to achieve your economic goals and improve the productivity and accuracy of your pipe machining projects. We also offer annual rate contracts to decrease the probability of unscheduled shutdowns by offering ready-to-deploy manpower.


Pipe – severing, beveling, squaring, Flange re-surfacing, Desalination plant pipe severing & beveling, Counter bore machining, Food processing plant pipe severing & beveling, Airport fuel line piping repair, Industrial pipe replacement, OD Shaft turning, Weld cap removal, Cutting/Machining HDPE piping, Trepanning, Casing abandonments, Offshore caisson cutting,  Pipe grooving, Pipeline distribution, Decommissioning,  Valve replacement, Vessel machining, Municipality water lines.


Being ISO 45001:2018 certified, HSE excellence is engrained as a key component of ABS organizational DNA.

Our on-site personnel are trained in;

Manpower Safety

Personal Protective Equipment, Mock drills, First-Aid, Firefighting, co-worker safety

Workplace Safety

Hazard identification, Risk Assessment, Object drop prevention, working at height, working in confined spaces, emergency response, jab safety analysis, safety audits, marking work area

Tool Safety

Proper tool handling during operation, safe upkeep of tools


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