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hex drive hydraulic torque wrench

Positioned at the forefront of technological innovation, the HYTORC Stealth emerges as the ultimate low-clearance torque wrench within the industry. Distinguished by its sleek profile, this tool effortlessly navigates confined spaces where conventional counterparts falter. The Stealth torque tool excels in executing all standard bolting operations, including applications with reduced clearance.

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Maximum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                47077/ 34722
Minimum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                 377 / 278
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      10.90 / 24.10
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                       1.80 / 3.99


 ABS Hydraulic Torque Wrench - Stealth


MODEL H (inch/mm) W (inch/mm) L (inch/mm) R (inch/mm) WEIGHT (lbs/kg) TORQUE (ft-lbs/Nm) MIN. TORQUE (ft-lbs/Nm) MAX.
STEALTH-2 4.21" (107 mm) 1.25" (32 mm) 5.53" (140 mm) 1.03" - 1.76" (26 - 45 mm) 3.99 lbs (1.80 kg) 278 ft-lbs (377 Nm) 1,869 ft-lbs (2,534 Nm)
STEALTH-4 5.43" (138 mm) 1.66" (42 mm) 6.56" (167 mm) 1.33" - 2.32" (34 - 59 mm) 4.30 lbs (2 kg) 604 ft-lbs (818 Nm) 4,020 ft-lbs (5,450 Nm)
STEALTH-8 6.40" (163 mm) 2.18" (55 mm) 8" (203 mm) 1.77" - 2.89" (45 - 73 mm) 6.70 lbs (3 kg) 1,199 ft-lbs (1,625 Nm) 7,984 ft-lbs (10,825 Nm)
STEALTH-14 7.94" (202 mm) 2.50" (64 mm) 9.35" (237 mm) 2.32" - 3.47" (59 - 88 mm) 10.40 lbs (4.70 kg) 2,105 ft-lbs (2,854 Nm) 14,255 ft-lbs (19,327 Nm)
STEALTH-22 9.18" (233 mm) 2.91" (74 mm) 10.80" (274 mm) 2.62" - 3.87" (66 - 98 mm) 15.40 lbs (7 kg) 3,250 ft-lbs (4,406 Nm) 21,875 ft-lbs (29,659 Nm)
STEALTH-36 10.81" (275 mm) 3.41" (87 mm) 12.71" (323 mm) 3.07" - 4.80" (78 - 122 mm) 24.10 lbs (10.90 kg) 4,917 ft-lbs (6,667 Nm) 34,722 ft-lbs (47,077 Nm)


Stealth Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Leading the Way in Precision for Low-Clearance Hydraulic Bolting Solutions. Facing challenges in tight spaces and intricate bolting needs, the Stealth Hydraulic Torque Tool stands out as a top-notch solution. It represents a peak in technological advancement in hydraulic bolting, bringing efficiency, precision, and adaptability to various operational situations.

Key Features:

1. Enhanced Flexibility: The hydraulic hose, with its 360/180-degree uniswivel, smoothly adjusts for versatile positioning, ensuring optimal operational ease and safety.

2. Innovative Hands-Free Operation: Changing the game in bolting practices, the Stealth Hydraulic Wrench introduces a hands-free approach. The lock-on adapter ensures unmatched hand safety, securely attaching the tool to each bolt and eliminating the need for manual tool retention.

3. Seamless Compatibility: Tailored to integrate seamlessly with HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut, the Stealth Hydraulic Torque Wrench forms a cohesive partnership, facilitating the execution of diverse bolting operations.

4. Adaptability in Limited Clearance Environments: Going beyond regular bolting, the Stealth torque tool excels in applications with restricted clearance, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in navigating challenging spatial constraints.

The Stealth Wrench goes beyond the usual definition of a tool, marking a shift in hydraulic bolting technology. Its innovative design and user-friendly features ensure precision, safety, and operational mastery across a range of demanding scenarios.

When considering your equipment investment, it's essential to explore the hydraulic torque wrench price to ensure a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.
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People Also Ask

- A hydraulic torque wrench is used for precision tightening of bolts or nuts in various industrial applications. It ensures accurate torque application, making it suitable for critical bolting tasks.

- Hydraulic torque wrenches are known for their high accuracy, typically within ±3% tolerance. This precision is crucial in achieving reliable and consistent bolted connections.

- Hydraulic torque wrenches typically operate within a pressure range of 700 to 10,000 psi, providing the necessary force for efficient and controlled bolting.

- Hazards associated with hydraulic torque wrenches include the risk of high-pressure hydraulic fluid leaks, pinch points during operation, and potential injury from the reaction arm. Proper training and adherence to safety protocols are essential to mitigate these risks.

- The purpose of a hex drive hydraulic torque wrench is to provide controlled and precise torque application, specifically in tasks involving hexagonal fasteners.

- Similar to standard hydraulic torque wrenches, hex drive hydraulic torque wrenches are known for their high accuracy, typically within ±3% tolerance.

- The pressure on a hex drive hydraulic torque wrench aligns with the standard hydraulic torque wrench range, operating within 700 to 10,000 psi.

- The maximum torque for a hydraulic torque wrench varies based on the model and design but can reach impressive levels, exceeding thousands of foot-pounds.

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