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FIM-EVO controller

SCS Controlling Torque

The FIM-EVO torque controller series represents an advanced industrial computer specifically engineered to manage up to 12 tools and 6 stations efficiently, all through a single communication point. This not only leads to cost reduction but also simplifies network integration.

What sets it apart is its impressive storage capacity, capable of storing up to 100,000 results and traces, enabling unrestricted sequence and operations. Furthermore, the FIM-EVO controller seamlessly integrates with a variety of accessories, including barcode readers, printers, label printers, and socket trays, making it a versatile choice for industrial applications.


  • Number of tools managed compatible:                     12
  • Compatible with SCS products:                                 Yes
  • Manage tightening strategies:                                  Yes
  • Manage barcode reader:                                           Yes
  • Manage Sequences, Operations:                             Unlimited
  • Manager printer/ label printer:                                  USB / Serial
  • Number of result store:                                             1,00,00

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