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Industrial Training and Skill Validation

The ABS Training Academy serves as the educational division of Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ABS), an organization dedicated to advancing awareness and knowledge within industries regarding advanced techniques and protocols for bolted flange joint assembly and related services.

ABS holds certification to provide globally recognized ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity courses for torquing and tensioning within India. These courses include:

  • MJI10 (Hand Torque Wrench)
  • MJI18 (Bolt Tensioning)
  • MJI19 (Hydraulic Torque Wrench)

With a track record of training over 2000 professionals (and counting) across various industries in the nation, the ABS Training Academy is committed to elevating the competence and proficiency of technical experts in the realm of joint integrity procedures. This dedication contributes significantly to on-site safety and operational efficiency.

With a dedicated facility for training in Jamnagar Gujrat, our seasoned professionals will serve as your mentors, addressing all your queries in static maintenance, bolting and onsite machining. The Jamnagar facility blends academic instruction with practical training sessions, ensuring you are industry-ready. Explore our array of trade validation courses and secure your spot to access top-tier expertise in the field.

People Also Ask

Mechanical joint integrity refers to the proper assembly and maintenance of joints, ensuring that they function safely and efficiently.

Becoming a bolting technician typically involves relevant training, certification, and hands-on experience in using bolting tools.

The ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) certificate is a recognized qualification in the engineering and construction industry.

ECITB stands for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board, an organization that provides training and certification in the engineering and construction sector.

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