ECITB Training and ECITB Courses:

We have an ECITB approved authorized training center and training providers to develop the engineering workforce in a wide range of craft, technical and professional disciplines.

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the skills, standards and qualifications body for the development of the engineering construction workforce in a wide range of craft, technical and professional disciplines.

ECITB is the industry authority on engineering construction skills, working in partnership with Advanced Bolting Solutions to help build a highly skilled workforce and deliver safer and more productive workplaces.

Advanced Bolting Solutions has an ECITB Approved training facility at its headquarters in Navi Mumbai, India.

ECITB introduced the MJI model of training and validating skills in the specialist critical bolting area. These training standards cover isolations, dismantling techniques, an inspection of components, alignment techniques as well as assembly and tightening techniques in specialist critical bolting in sectors including oil and gas, power, renewable energy, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, shipbuilding and all other construction projects including new buildings and transportation networks.

  • ECITB Training and ECITB Courses
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ECITB Training and ECITB Courses


  • MJI10 (Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques)
  • MJI18 (Hydraulically Tensioned Bolted Connection Techniques)
  • MJI19 (Hydraulic Torque Bolted Connection Techniques)

The MJI approved training courses are derived from the ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity training standards with Work Based Task Assignments and MJI ECITB Technical Tests.

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