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hydraulic torque pumps

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump

The VECTOR MINI hydraulic torquing pump stands as the latest addition within HYTORC's lineup of hydraulic torque wrench pumps. Developed upon the bedrock of the industry-leading VECTOR pump technology, this high-capacity pump employs a single-port design while demonstrating remarkable reductions of 25% in size and 35% in weight. This results in an exceptional level of maneuverability and portability. Tool parameters come pre-loaded, streamlining setup processes and obviating the requirement for distinct torque charts. To operate, simply designate the tool and target torque via the pendent LCD screen. User-friendly, step-by-step instructions minimize the potential for operator error. The VECTOR MINI Pump is offered in two variations: manual and fully automatic. Its modular architecture enables a seamless transition from the manual version to the fully automatic mode, whenever the need arises.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Vector Mini Pump Features

  • Protective Caging
  • 15 ft. Digital Remote Control
  • Fully Automatic design
  • 15’ Twin Line Steel Braided Hydraulic Hose.



Power 115v and 230v
Data Recording  Optional 
Gauge (Not Necessary but can be attached to the side of the valve block)
Reservoir Capacity  7 gals./2.7 l
Stages  3

48 lbs. / 22kg (Manual)

53 lbs. / 23kg (Automatic)

Maximum Oil Flow Rate 

580 PSI

40 bar

50 Hz

250 cu. in. /min

4.05 l/min


330 cu. in. /min

5.4 l/min

Middle Oil Flow Rate 

2,175 PSI

150 bar

50n Hz

80 cu. in. /min

1.3 l/min



91 cu. in. /min

1.5 l/min

High Oil Flow Rate 

10,000 PSI

700 bar

50n Hz

26 cu. in. /min

0.4 l/min


31 cu. in. /min

0.5 l/min

15' Remote Control  Yes
15' Twin Line Steel 
Braided Hydraulic Hose 


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People Also Ask

- A torquing pump serves the purpose of providing hydraulic pressure to hydraulic torque wrenches, enabling controlled and precise tightening of bolts.

- The torque requirement for a pump is not applicable

instead, pumps are designed to generate hydraulic pressure to operate torque wrenches efficiently.

- Torque calculation is not relevant for torquing pumps. The focus is on generating hydraulic pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi), to drive torque wrenches.

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