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hydraulic torque wrench

The VERSA stands as the optimal HYTORC toque wrench for routine maintenance, necessitating substantial torque demands and consistent outcomes. Its uncomplicated design, comprising merely three moving components, was initially developed by HYTORC over three decades ago.

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Maximum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                49051 / 36200           
Minimum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                 203 / 150              
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      21.23 / 46.71
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      1.27 / 2.80     


 ABS Hydraulic Torque Wrench - Versa


MODEL H (inch/mm) W1 (inch/mm) W2 (inch/mm) L (inch/mm) R (inch/mm) WEIGHT (lbs/kg) TORQUE (ft-lbs/Nm) MIN. TORQUE (ft-lbs/Nm) MAX.
VERSA-1 3.42" (87 mm) 1.06" (27 mm) 0.94" (24 mm) 4.23" (107 mm) 0.32" (8 mm) 2.80 lbs (1.27 kg) 150 ft-lbs (203 Nm) 1,050 ft-lbs (1,423 Nm)
VERSA-2 3.73" (95 mm) 1.25" (32 mm) 1.13" (29 mm) 5.35" (136 mm) 0.38" (10 mm) 3.25 lbs (1.48 kg) 261 ft-lbs (354 Nm) 1,920 ft-lbs (2,602 Nm)
VERSA-4 5.52" (140 mm) 1.67" (42 mm) 1.51" (38 mm) 7.07" (180 mm) 0.51" (13 mm) 7.35 lbs (3.34 kg) 654 ft-lbs (886 Nm) 4,503 ft-lbs (6,102 Nm)
VERSA-8 6.53" (166 mm) 2.10" (53 mm) 1.89" (48 mm) 8.60" (218 mm) 0.64" (16 mm) 11.85 lbs (5.39 kg) 1,350 ft-lbs (1,829 Nm) 9,000 ft-lbs (12,195 Nm)
VERSA-14 8.03" (204 mm) 2.50" (64 mm) 2.36" (60 mm) 10.52" (267 mm) 0.73" (19 mm) 19.25 lbs (8.75 kg) 2,148 ft-lbs (2,911 Nm) 14,832 ft-lbs (20,098 Nm)
VERSA-20 8.87" (225 mm) 3.00" (76 mm) 2.89" (73 mm) 10.93" (278 mm) 0.92" (23 mm) 24.43 lbs (11.10 kg) 3,088 ft-lbs (4,184 Nm) 21,458 ft-lbs (29,076 Nm)
VERSA-30 10.95" (278 mm) 3.75" (95 mm) 3.00" (76 mm) 13.89" (353 mm) 1.00" (25 mm) 46.71 lbs (21.23 kg) 5,100 ft-lbs (6,911 Nm) 36,200 ft-lbs (49,051 Nm)

Versa Hydraulic Torque Wrench

For routine maintenance demanding high torque values and consistent outcomes, the VERSA hydraulic torque tool stands as a reliable workhorse. HYTORC conceived its uncomplicated three-moving-part design over 30 years ago, consistently refining it, resulting in the world's most proven line of hydraulic torque wrench.

Key Specifications:

1. Tool Type: Hydraulic Wrench
2. Radius: 0.32" - 1.00"
3. Weight: 2.80 - 46.71 lbs.
4. Torque Range: 150.18 - 35874.00 ft-lbs.

Ease of Use:
The VERSA hydraulic wrench has a simple three-moving part design that minimises potential repairs, ensuring cost-effectiveness in operations.

Uniswivel Feature:
The single-axis uniswivel provides a full 360-degree rotation, enabling safe and effortless hose positioning.

Slim Profile Advantage:
With a continuous-profile design throughout the powerhead and hex link, the VERSA offers an economical solution in hydraulic torquing tools.

Explore the enduring reliability of the VERSA series—a testament to over three decades of continuous improvement and innovation.

When considering your equipment investment, it's essential to explore the hydraulic torque wrench price to ensure a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.
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People Also Ask

- A hydraulic torque wrench is used for precision tightening of bolts or nuts in various industrial applications. It ensures accurate torque application, making it suitable for critical bolting tasks.

- Hydraulic torque wrenches are known for their high accuracy, typically within ±3% tolerance. This precision is crucial in achieving reliable and consistent bolted connections.

- Hydraulic torque wrenches typically operate within a pressure range of 700 to 10,000 psi, providing the necessary force for efficient and controlled bolting.

- Hazards associated with hydraulic torque wrenches include the risk of high-pressure hydraulic fluid leaks, pinch points during operation, and potential injury from the reaction arm. Proper training and adherence to safety protocols are essential to mitigate these risks.

- The purpose of a hex drive hydraulic torque wrench is to provide controlled and precise torque application, specifically in tasks involving hexagonal fasteners.

- Similar to standard hydraulic torque wrenches, hex drive hydraulic torque wrenches are known for their high accuracy, typically within ±3% tolerance.

- The pressure on a hex drive hydraulic torque wrench aligns with the standard hydraulic torque wrench range, operating within 700 to 10,000 psi.

- The maximum torque for a hydraulic torque wrench varies based on the model and design but can reach impressive levels, exceeding thousands of foot-pounds.

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