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Cordless Electric Nutrunner

Pistol Grip Electric Handheld Nut runner

Explore the cutting-edge HSX series of handheld nut runners, the latest breakthrough in AMT's pistol grip nut runner lineup. With features like fully digital signal transmission between the pistil grip nut runner and control unit, experience a tool that is not only more compact and lighter but also has improved ergonomic design. Our AMT pistol grip nut runners adhere to rigorous industrial durability standards, ensuring reliability. The HSX/PSX series is your go-to solution for meeting safety-critical and quality-critical needs for threaded fasteners. Elevate your tool experience with AMT's innovative technology.

Pistol Grip Industrial Nutrunner Specifications

Maximum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                25 / 18.44
Minimum Torque (Nm) / (ft-lbs)                 3 / 2.21     
Maximum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                      1.10 / 2.43
Minimum Weight (kg) / (lbs)                       1.08 / 2.38


 ABS Handheld Nutrunner














3 - 15







5 - 25







3 - 15





AMT Handheld Electric Nut runners: Precision Powerhouses that Revolutionize Your Assembly Lines

Imagine a world where assembly lines hum with unparalleled efficiency, where operators work effortlessly, and quality reigns supreme. Enter the AMT handheld nut runner tool, the lightweight champions poised to make that vision a reality.

Unwavering Precision:

  • Built-in Torque and Rotation Sensors: Say goodbye to guesswork. These intelligent sensors ensure every fastening, from the most delicate to the most critical, is precisely torqued and consistently perfect, every single time.
  • Redundant Control: Double the peace of mind. Not only does AMT's advanced system monitor torque, but it also analyzes power intake, providing an extra layer of accuracy for unmatched reliability.

Ergonomics Redefined:

  • Effortless Maneuvering: Ditch the bulky tools. AMT nut runner tool is built for comfort, featuring sleek, contoured grips that minimize hand fatigue, even during extended shifts.
  • Multi-Stage Control: Take control of the tightening process. AMT's intuitive control allows you to tackle each fastener in controlled steps, eliminating the need for awkward adjustments and reducing physical strain.
  • Gentle on You, Gentle on Your Tools: Breathe easy. Soft stops and smooth acceleration and braking ramps protect both operators and tools, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Intelligence at Your Fingertips:

  • Digital Communication Made Easy: Forget tangled wires. AMT's innovative digital communication system utilizes a thin, flexible cable that moves with you, eliminating kinks and frustration.
  • Secure Connection, Guaranteed: No more accidental disconnects. The advanced tool plug locks securely, keeping your operation running smoothly.

Built for the Long Haul:

  • Heavy-Duty Powerhouses: Don't let tough jobs hold you back. AMT nut runners boast robust motors and gearboxes that conquer demanding tasks with ease.
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals: Maximize your uptime. AMT's extended maintenance cycles mean less downtime and more productivity, keeping your assembly lines humming.
  • Smart Maintenance Management: Let the tool tell you when it needs attention. AMT's intelligent system identifies the optimal time for service, ensuring you're never caught off guard.

AMT handheld nut runners are more than just tools; they're a commitment to efficiency, precision, and operator well-being. Experience the difference and transform your assembly lines today.

After the sale, we are delighted to assist you with any technical concerns or inquiries. Don't hesitate—let's connect! Feel free to reach out to us via phone: 828282-9795 or drop us an email at We're here to help and ensure your satisfaction.

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People Also Ask

- A nutrunner is designed to quickly and efficiently tighten or loosen nuts, providing high torque output. It is commonly used in assembly and maintenance tasks.

- The principle involves the use of either pneumatic or electric power to generate rotational force, allowing fast and precise tightening or loosening of nuts.

- The accuracy of a DC nut runner depends on the model and design, but it is generally known for its precision, making it suitable for applications requiring accurate torque control.

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